Monday, August 13, 2012

Dasarathpur in Google Maps - A Research

Hi Folks,

I am working on editing and adding new locations like Schools, colleges, temples and nearby areas of Dasarathpur through Google map maker technology. In this process i have successfully added Dasarathpur College, Dasarathpur School, Gayatri Mutt, Mishrapur School, Mishrapur Village, Kanya Ashram Girls Highschool, Maa Amburai Temple, Shani Dev Mandir, Hanuman Temple, Chandakuda UP School, Thanapati., Piteipur ME School and more.

You can even work on this following the undermentioned guidelines

Go to Google Map maker.
Login to your Google account.
Then follow the editing or Adding guidelines in the screen.
Add the place and wait for other members to review.
Once approved, you can see them in Google maps live.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sadhu Goureswar College

Dear Friends ,

I am Deepak , today going to my Homeland Dasarathpur by taking 2 days leave .I have some pendant things in my college as well to which i will try finish . i appeared for Final Year exam on 2006 and it is going to be 2009 still i am waiting to get my Graduation certificate , Hope this time i will get it from my Sadhu Goureswar College jajpur . one more thing , that is important for today is having your identity in virtual space, i mean to say in internet and search engine Google . By the way , for your information , i want your to know when i put the keyword"Sadhu Goureswar College jajpur" in Google , i am surprised to see the result , no information availabel in Google . See there is one of my Friend "Santanu(cell no-91-9337870149) from a small town in Salipur , cuttack , they have a college website to surf . And their site is coming top with the keyword "salipur college" and "salipur" as this

But i am Felling very sorry for this , that evenif we are a big college in Size in terms of student size and capacity still we are behind the reach of the world , we have to change our set up and have to mordenise ourselves .

For this , i am requesting you all to come forward to make our college reach to the world . i am solely taking the responsibility of promoting the site as search engine marketer .

This is all about the matter, i am expectating you to read and comment upon this post..

you can write an email to my email adress:
or you can talk through skype: ding095


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My personal feeling-Deepak

It was 20th of December, 2008; I visited my native village Dasarathpur, where I usually go when I have some time.
For now I am working with an AD company in Bhubaneswar and visited to my home on Saturday late night and reach very early morning of 20th December that was Sunday.

It was cool; I mean to say the weather, far from the noisy environment in the cities. I went for a bath in the river Baitarani, where I usually bath in my child hood days.

That was like a spiritual bath and I enjoyed the time well.

I just started the work and also the new earner for my family and this is someway a great support to my family. There having lot of hopes from my brother and sisters that his/her brother will bring some changes in their lifestyle.

I got to know good lessons from my parents and those are proving to be true. I am working for long schedule these days for enhancing my income and to change my fate.

Running behind targets and money is becoming a fashion for guys today. This is nothing but a mad run; in this way we are losing our inner resource, still knowing these things we have to mingle ourselves with these things.

So I will tell never try to run for jobs, create jobs.
One more thing, I found interesting is that when you will back to your Home you can’t easily mix up with the child-hood friends. They are something giving you respect and not mixing-up the way one of your friends need to mix up with you. People of our area are in the process of developing themselves towards education, Farming, jobs etc.
3 guys placed in the Army, but they have to pay bribe still fulfilling all the criteria’s. Dalal is ready to catch you up and they will make the things cancelled if you would not make the payment.

I am now aged around 23+, still there having no GIRL FRIENDS or any such affair that I can memorize . I got to know some good girls who might fit but still there having some restrictions from my mother. She did not tell me to stop , but put some criteria that I have to taken care of .
That girl should be from our community that I have choose a girl from my caste . this is the compulsion and I am facing the problem with this . Hope you will understand….

AaJ kal time bhi nahi hota kisi ke bareme sochne ko, aesehi jene lagehain , puri tanhaye chahiye . Christmas eve main ek ladki ke saath friendship hone balihe . Dekhte hain kai hota he..

Anyway I forget to say you :

Thursday, September 11, 2008


One thing that the oriyas are renowned for is the quality of everything they produce and you consider a holiday in Dasarathpur as a Hindu specialty that you will not be disappointed.

The city has changed much over the last few decades. As we all know, Dasarathpur underwent much change in its horizon after the division of Cuttack district into 2 parts as Cuttack and jajpur. However, since the division, the city has surprised the world by once again becoming one of the premium cities on the planet.

The city is a maze of old versus new and you will want to see all of this. Luckily, in true Oriya style, the transport system is second to none and all transport buses and trains run on a perfect schedule.

When you are in Dasarathpur, you will be flooded with culture and history. In order to appreciate the new Dasarathpur, for what it is today, you have to visit the old monuments, which symbolizes the darkest hour in India 's history the rule of the Nawabs. You will be able to stand on top of the Big Temple called Karuna kar Math (ANCIENT MANUMENT OF THIS AREA) and imagine what it was where you can see whole area all around. You can also visit the very moving memorial in Sanskrit Bhavan, which was the scene of the famous book showing you the facts of Sanskrit culture and philosophy.

is not too vast to explore on foot, but depending on where you decide to stay in the city you will be able to see much by walking around the neighborhoods. If you stay in one of the many hotels, you will be able to use the hotel shuttle service to visit all the places on your list. The hotel staff should also be able to give you a few extra tips on great places to visit. These will probably be places that you will not find in your tourism guide and will probably not be disrupted over by other tourists in the peak season.

If you prefer to do more exploring yourself then you should look at staying in a self-catering apartment. By doing so, you will have the freedom to come and go as you please without having to worry about missing the meals that you would have paid for in a hotel. If you hire a vehicle then you can explore the city at your leisure.

You can plan all the accommodation you need on the Internet and being able to view photos of where you are staying and maps of the surrounding area will help you plan your holiday to Dasarathpur..

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